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Reflections of History

Since early childhood, creating art and watching an image come to life on my canvas has given me great satisfaction. My favorite subjects have always been scenes from life; people, places, pets and the humans they own, caught in the act of living.  I also have a special affection for cityscapes. Like portraits, cities are living, breathing entities and the energy and intensity of the different elements of the urban setting have always fascinated me.

My style, particularly in my use of color, is one of impressionistic realism; a visual approach that enhances my portraits very well. Revealing the external likenesses of my subjects is only the beginning. Capturing the mood, personality and individuality is my ultimate goal. I want to capture the inner soul of people, pets and city streets and bring them to three-dimensional life on a two-dimensional plane.

The ultimate vehicle for expression, art bridges the gaps between background, class, belief, and time. It encourages thinking and dialogue and Is also a catalyst for change. Art is mankind's storyteller and image book.

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